"We Listen. We Create. You Grow."

What the process means for you

Step 1 » We Listen

Our team begins the process by understanding who we are talking to and why you are talking to us. That requires us to glean the knowledge you provide and combine it with information taken straight from your market or community. Our listening enables us to know where your focus lies, what resources you have available and what results you need to achieve.

Listening for us: it's simple…important…vital…and we do it very well.

Step 2 » We Create

We take ideas and information, create visuals and produce materials that convey your message effectively. Our proven experience in creating design for print, internet and event communications is driven by designers who love 'talking' to people using words and pictures. Our solutions are creative, practical and feasible.

Step 3 » You Grow

It’s about growing and strengthening your business or community.

How do you do this?

You do this by talking directly into the minds of your target audience and getting them to embrace your product or service.

The maths can be simple…you used to have ten responses before you had a brochure or website and now you have twenty. That’s 100% more…clearly, that's measurable growth.

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Look at your particular numbers now - make the comparison after you’ve taken action with Blueriver Creative.

Blueriver Creative - the design studio with a team of specialist expertise in delivering creative, practical and feasible solutions for educational institutions, socially responsible organisations and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to grow.

We’re not just good at what we do, we’re great at what we do.

That’s why > We Listen. We Create. You Grow.

Our portfolio shows some of the amazing results of the Blueriver Creative process and how our clients have grown.

How much to Grow? - Our Fees

Our process starts by listening…we want to find out about your needs and objectives. That means our first meeting with you is free. We then provide you with a written quotation and specification appropriate to your project, giving a fixed price that you know you can count on.

In instances where hourly rate billing is appropriate we charge $US110 / $A120 / $NZ140 plus taxes. A minimum fee of $45 plus taxes applies to any requested task.

Design Needs to be Well Implemented

When you come to Blueriver Creative we take responsibility for producing your design; that includes everything from design through to delivery. We quote you in advance with a production cost that typically has an added 15% commission.

That’s how we earn our money…let's set about earning money for you!

Find out how this has worked for our clients here