Marketing and Analysis

How does your school reach its community/s in order to gain their support and increase the quality and/or quantity of students? The process begins with asking “Who do we want to speak to?” Blueriver Creative have available a range of methodologies available to profile and identify your ‘audience’ that are suitable for small through to large projects. In larger projects we draw on our association with two research and strategy specialists:

The Knowledge Partnership, Australia and United Kingdom
Blueriver Creative’s director, Philip Bradley is an Associate of The Knowledge Partnership, a specialist marketing and communications consultancy providing strategic and focused support and intelligence for educational, academic and knowledge-based organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. (

Jan Krukowski & Company, New York City
Ongoing professional association is maintained with Jan Krukowski & Company, New York City, a marketing and communications consultancy for education and non-profit clients ( Practical peer review and mutual cooperation is the focus of this relationship.

Design for Print

Our print and internet projects originate with the development of a concept, the flow into design and completion by delivery of a finished product. Below is a list of products and services that we offer.

- Advertising
- Annual Reports
- Apparel
- Banners
- Brochures
- Calendars
- Certificates
- Course Books
- Events
- Flyers
- Forms
- Handbooks
- Homework Diaries
- Logo Design
- Maps
- Newsletter Shells
- Photography
- Postcards
- Posters
- Presentations
- Print Adverts
- Prospectus
- Signage
- Stationery
- Stickers
- Structure
- Uniform
- Visual Identity
- Websites
- Yearbooks

Design for Internet

An online presence is vital for reaching potential students both locally and internationally. It is a source of information for enrolled families as well as a means to present the school to potential staff of high calibre that are making career choices. As an entry point to your internal intranet and a means for reflecting student learning, a school’s website is an unparalleled medium. Integration with social media and mobile technologies now provides the means to enhance and manage a school’s reputation.

Download our standard questionnaire and blank sitemap worksheet to begin planning the redevelopment of your website.