Operating a business online
The Auto Company

The Need
The Auto Company came to Blueriver looking for a website to raise their profile. They left with a secure online web application that encompassed all of their business operations. Director Tony Burrowes says "I needed to give my business much better exposure to the public and also within our own industry. The operations side of the website evolved out of my original discussions with Blueriver about a public website, and I could immediately see the benefits even though I had not considered this before."

The Process
The Auto Company is a volume importer and reseller of used Japanese vehicles. Beyond meeting their need for a public website, Blueriver could see the potential for a web application that centralised their scattered collections of information, ordered their business activities, and provided secure access to their staff in Auckland and Japan. The new web application makes it easier to enter and maintain information about the vehicles, from purchase through maintenance to sales, and provides accurate costing and reporting functions. The database is linked to the public website, allowing the public to search and view available vehicles.

The Result
The development of this application required close communication between Blueriver and The Auto Company, as the existing business activities needed to be understood, replicated, and refined. The result is a system that enables multiple operators to update and view current information at any time, from anywhere in the world. "It consolidates masses of separate information that used to live on spreadsheets and needed to be updated continuously by a single user. Our employees are able to update information continuously and this benefit has made our operation more efficient and up to date."

Want to buy a car? Check out www.autoco.co.nz. Want to see a business operations web application in action? Contact Philip Bradley at Blueriver Creative: click hereWebsite

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